Geographic Targeting with Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

One of the key ingredients to any successful direct mail campaign is the list.

A relatively new product from the USPS makes it easier and more affordable than ever to use geographic targeting for your next mail campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is unique in that the mail list recipients are based entirely on location. It’s an ideal way to saturate specific areas, such as neighborhoods within a short distance to your business, with your marketing message that could include menus, coupons, maps and more.  You don’t have to know the recipient’s name or address, you simply need to know the area you’d like to target.

Using Every Door Direct Mail, businesses have the opportunity to tailor their message to a specific area to increase customer interaction and retention.  It’s easy to get started, the setup process is simple and there is a flexible range of options for size and format of your marketing piece.

With postage rates through EDDM as low as 16 cents, the USPS has made it more affordable than ever to incorporate direct mail into your marketing strategy.

Who would this work for?

Retailers such as restaurants, department stores and auto dealers could use Every Door Direct Mail to target areas where there are local people who would most likely take advantage of a marketing piece with deals, discounts or contests.

Service-based businesses such as banks, real estate firms and health-related providers would benefit greatly from being able to geographically target potential customers that are in the area to offer incentives and information unique to the location. For example, imagine if a local bank sent a postcard to every household within 3 miles highlighting how quick and easy it is to drop by and deposit a check, because they’re only 6 minutes away.

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