The Sky’s the Limit

Ever get those postcards in the mail that have your name on the front not just in the mailing panel but addressing you directly? Postcards that say “Hey Dan, come into our office and get a great deal on a brand new Chevy!” Even if you’re not in the market for a new Chevy (or if you prefer Dodge) you tend to give that postcard a second look. Why? Because it has your NAME on it, and that gets your attention. The process to get a name on a printed piece is called Variable Data Processing, or personalization. It’s the idea that addressing someone directly will always get a more genuine
response than simply putting “Hey Customer!”

Alphagraphics has partnered with two of the best-in-the-business personalization companies, XM Pie and Mindfire Inc to provide our customers with near limitless possibilities for personalization in print, online, email and mobile. Take a look at the following image:


A simple, albeit goofy sample postcard for a fictional real estate company looking to get some new customers just moving to the Billings area. A generic postcard could get the job done, but the power of personalization allows you to customize for each person who receives it. We can use local photography like the iconic Welcome to Billings stones then insert your customer’s name as if it’s chiseled right alongside. We can change the photo of the realtor standing to the left, the realtor’s name, number of family members, contact info and more. With data provided by you, we can create a unique and eye-catching piece the speaks directly to your customer. Our design department can use stock photography or even your own photos to suit your needs.

Want to learn more? Check out our website page on marketing services and see all the awesome things we can create. Interested? Give us a call and we’ll show you how it works!

Dan Rickman

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