USPS Promotes EveryDoor Direct Mail

The United States Post Office is strongly promoting their EveryDoor Direct Mail program.This saturation style mailing provides a cost effective way to communicate to every mail address or “EveryDoor” for a certain geographical area.

The advantages include no list to buy or no need to address each individual mail piece. A generic address suffices in getting each mail piece delivered. No need to scrimp on size, the advertisement can be up to 12″” x 15″ in size at no additional cost. That will certainly get noticed in everyone”s mail box.

So what does this type of program cost? For up to 3.3 ounces in weight, plan on only spending 14.2 cents each. If you are non-profit the cost is only 6.8 cents! Pretty inexpensive if you consider the only other cost is the printing of the advertisement.

So if you are trying to promote a particular product or service to a concentrated area – lets say a downtown location or a particular area, for example, in Northwest Billings under the Rims, USPS EveryDoor Direct Mail might be just the ticket.  For more information you can log on to or just give us a call at Ultra Graphics 406 256-4999