Digital or Offset printing– which do I pick?

This is a question we hear quite often and with the dynamics of technology, the answer has changed over the years. Variable print projects will always be printed digitally, on projects that don’t vary, here’s the thought process.

With the older color copier technology, quality played a role – “Can you get by with the digital color until we can put it on press and get you a real print job?” was a typical question.  With the HP Indigo, that is no longer an issue. Next question, how fast do you need the project? If it’s same day, then digital is probably the answer, we typically print offset projects the following day so it’s still real quick, just difficult to offset print and deliver same day. So it then boils down to quantity,

Our customer staff will usually pick offset or digital based on what’s most affordable based on your quantity. Typically that number where it makes most sense to print offset begins around a quantity of 600-700 pieces for an 11 x 17 project (or 1200-1400 pieces of 8.5 x 11).  Have more questions, give our sales or customer support staff a call.

One other question we’ve heard a few times lately – why does your digital quality look better than the competition, even if they are running the same machine?

The HP digital technology provides great results if and this is a big IF you do all the required daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and you operate the equipment in a clean environment with humidity above 40%. The HP Indigo is like a finely tuned automobile – very picky how it wants to be treated, but handled properly the performance is outstanding. Not taken care of, the best you can hope for is looking like every other mid-size clunker on the road. There more to great digital quality than just buying the machine, our competition hasn’t quite figured that out yet.