Are you choosing the right Astrobright?

On your next mail project you may be considering using an Astrobright paper. It is a cost effective way to bring color to your black and white artwork. Did you know that not all Astrobright colored paper will qualify for automation prices? That is because some of the colors do not meet the required range of reflectance.

We tested the majority of the Astrobrights papers and here are the results from the post office:

The ones that failed are:

– Orbit Orange
– Re-Entry Red
– Grape
– Venus Violet
– Lunar Blue
– Celestial Blue
– Terrestrial Teal
– Gemini Green
– Gamma Green
– Black

There were a couple that marginally passed, so there may be a risk that they could be rejected:

– Rocket Red
– Plasma Pink
– Fireball Fuchsia
– Martian Green

A few alternatives are:

1. Choose a different Astrobright paper, such as:
– Lift-Off Lemon
– Sunburst Yellow
– Galaxy Gold
– Cosmic Orange
– Fuchsia
– Terra Green

2. Apply white address labels

3. Use non-automation prices (approx. 2 cents more postage per piece) or single-piece 1st Class