Working With Data – PHP & MySQL in Perfect Harmony

The web has confronted and demolished a vast number of important milestones in its existence, going from a completely static state to a winding labyrinth of information that changes every minute. Sites started becoming dynamic with the help of ASP.NET technology, serving up content based on data housed in a Microsoft server database.

But with all inventions comes a bigger and better product that will almost certainly dominate its predecessor, and that’s exactly what PHP is to ASP.NET. PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, and also utilizes a database schema to deliver content to the fingertips of users. However, in contrast to ASP.NET, PHP uses a Linux server environment, and is used with the MySQL adaptation of SQL database standards.

Databases are a part of our everyday lives. They house data in an easily-accessible format and keep everything organized for you and I. If it weren’t for databases, we wouldn’t have the majority of the internet’s most monumental creations, like Facebook and YouTube. They allow us to login to a private interface, change our user preferences, upload images, and so much more.

The structure of a database is relatively simple. A database can contain multiple tables, each of which have fields that are categorized to store a specific type of data. Records are a series of field values that all relate to one another in some way. Understanding the structure of a database can be made much simpler by imagining an Excel Workbook. If you’re familiar with Excel as a Microsoft Office product, you know that an Excel Workbook can contain multiple Worksheets (tables), each containing columns that would have headings at the top (fields), and each have rows of data (records).

At Ultra Graphics, we’re making advancements in our repertoire of database knowledge to bring you a better web experience. It’s with a great understanding of PHP & MySQL that we can offer functionality beyond that of the already-powerful WordPress platform we offer our New Media website clients. Let us put our experience with PHP & MySQL to work for you in building an excellent web experience for your current and prospective customers!

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