Helping Others One Walking Stick at a Time

by Jamie Schmieding

Eight year old Jacob Studer is a businessman and philanthropist.

As founder of Billings Best Hiking Sticks, he started small with weekly “driveway sales” but it didn’t take long before he grew to online distribution and local deliveries. These days Jacob channels both his business sense and his creativity to help raise money for local charities.

His first charitable donation was inspired by a cause that was close to home, or school to be exact, his own school: Elder Grove Elementary. Jacob wanted to reach out and support fellow classmates who receive counseling support from YBGR’s school-based program that works in conjunction with Elder Grove Elementary. The money Jacob raised went to help provide snacks and field trips for the kids in this program. From that point on Jacob wanted to continue giving.

His mission is to give to a different charity of his choice with every $100.00 he raises. As of October 18th, 2016 he has raised $2,456.50. His causes are YBGR, Help Addie, Tumbleweed, Billings Food Bank, Montana Rescue Mission (both Men’s and Family shelters), The Chase Hawks Foundation, Let Your Love Glow Campaign, Help for Homeless Pets, Ronald McDonald House, Ramsey Keller Memorial, United Luv, KTVQ Turkey Tuesday, and last but not least, to a private citizen fighting cancer.

We love to celebrate those who fully embrace the giving spirit, and it goes without saying – Jacob embodies just such a charitable spirit. It is a wonderful thing for such a young individual to show such an interest in lending a helping hand in such a selfless way. His parents deserve some credit as well for offering support and guidance for Jacob’s passion for giving.

Jacobs’ hiking sticks sell for seven $7 adult size and $5 for children. Local delivery is offered for an additional five dollar fee. The hiking sticks can be viewed and ordered on his website If you want to donate more than the cost of a stick or without purchasing one you can do so by clicking on the donate button on his site. When you make a purchase or a donation to Billings Best Hiking Sticks you are supporting a local business and making a charitable donation all in one stop.