Company Spotlight – Roger L Daniel Insurance

What is the one thing most people don’t know about your company that you wish they did?

People know that we sell insurance – however most people do not know we are extremely proficient in creating income and protecting assets with different investment strategies.

How did the downturn of the national economy impact your marketing efforts?  Have you marketed differently in this economy than you would have 6 years ago?

With the economic downturn we actually increased our marketing budget. Marketing strategies have changed over the years with the do not call list and consumer habits with regards to digital.

What kinds of things do you do to ensure marketing initiatives work well for your sales team?

We use different mediums to target certain sectors within our business.  Medicare Insurance is targeted differently than homeowners insurance.  We spend money on advertising targeting certain targets, but we spend just as much on brand building.

A unique tear-off “reveal” postcard has generated lots of success for Roger.

What marketing mistakes do you see most often in other small business?

I see other small businesses get in and get out of a marketing strategy too quickly.  Brands are built over time with consistency, whether markets are up or down.

What marketing mistakes (your own or others)  has your company learned from?

The biggest thing we have learned is that marketing/advertising can help build a brand, but the power of referrals is more important.  There is no substitute for relationships in our community.

How is your company using online and social media to advance your marketing goals?

We invest in micro-sites to attract certain types of business. Most consumers start their shopping online and we need to be near the top of their search.

What top 3 things do you attribute to your success

Number one on the priority list for any business is great people.  Great employees create relationships and care about customers.

“Brands are built over time with consistency, whether markets are up or down.”

How do you differentiate your company from other competitors in the marketplace?

We have a large, knowledgeable staff offering a full range of insurance and investment products.  We are extremely involved in the community and market very proficiently.

What’s your best marketing tip for other small business owners?

The best tip I have for marketing is to not be afraid to spend the money.  Hire the right people and stay consistent in marketing efforts.


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