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Logo design is easy.

Take a look at the logos for Walmart, Target, Nike, and Windows.  One of our team of designers could have whipped out those designs in 5 minutes flat.  So then why is logo design so hard?  Why can’t we just offer a quick in and out logo design service: “Stop in anytime, logo designed while you wait!”.  The answer is more complex than the the design software you use, or the amount of time spent building simple shapes that make up a logo like Target’s famous bullseye:

Logo design is about creating a brand that will stand the test of time, perfectly encapsulate your company values, and be an immediate iconic connection and reminder between all viewers and your business.  This is where it gets complicated.

That’s why Ultra Graphics attaches so much value to a logo design, no matter how complex the actual art is.  Creating a new brand is a journey between the business, it’s owners, and the audience – and everyone has a part to play.  Hard decisions need to be made, and if you’re not in it to make the perfect iconic representation of your business, then the result will almost certainly disappoint.

Our experienced sales staff and design team know the right questions to ask, the right directions to take, and the right decisions to propose that ensure you’re giving your brand the attention that it deserves.  We can help you with color choice, iconography, metaphorical design, all the way down to the geometry that will best illustrate your business philosophy.

When it’s all said and done, we’ll provide you with a logo cheat sheet that includes vector artwork for all logo variations, font and style information, and color formulas for every media on the web or in print.  In short, you’re brand will be solidified and maintain a consistency that all modern marketing applications demand.  If you think it’s time for a new logo, read up on the process in on our blog here, and contact us if you want to take advantage of our expert marketing and design staff.

Check out some examples of our work:

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