Global Health Outreach: Providing health, medical care, and assistance to families in Haiti

Ultra Graphics recently teamed up with volunteers from the Global Health Outreach to provide 500 coloring books to children still reeling from Haiti’s massive earthquake in 2010.

GHO-Coloring-BooksUltra Graphics is at it’s core a print and marketing communications company.  But when those products serve to help others – even in small ways – it truly is a joy to participate.  For the villages of Haiti, that service was providing a little fun in the form of coloring books for the children receiving medical assessments and treatments from the Global Health Outreach.

Evan Jones, PT of West Billings Physical Therapy along with 40 other healthcare providers spent a week in villages neighboring Haiti’s capital of Port-au-Prince, treating patients that have minimal access to medical care. During their time in Haiti the group assessed and treated approximately 1,368 men, women, and children with medical care, education, and support.

Ultra Graphics chipped in by providing 500 custom-printed coloring books and crayons for children to enjoy while waiting for their much-needed medical checkups and treatments.

“I enjoyed watching the children of the villages engage in the simple pleasure of coloring in a coloring book.”
~ Evan Jones, PT of West Billings Physical Therapy

To get the books to Haiti, however, was no small feat. The books had to be carried in the luggage of the volunteers because shipping directly to Port-au-Prince was extremely difficult at best. To make sure each volunteer had a luggage bag full of coloring books, Ultra Graphics shipped the books to seven different locations across the country.

We’re proud to support organizations that work and volunteer for the betterment of humanity, and the Global Health Outreach is one of the most generous and giving associations there is.  We were glad to have a small part in helping them assist the families of Haiti with health and dental care, and look forward to finding other ways we can continue to support our community and the world.


To find out how you can help the GHO, visit or call 888-230-2637.  Ultra Graphics is proud to support organizations like this one!