Print Resolution Calculator

Resolution Calculator

Use the calculator to instantly determine the pixel size needed for your image based on the resolution and size of your artwork. Why is this helpful? Many computer, digital camera, and cellphone images are measured in pixels, not inches. Depending on the end result, you might need to know if you image is high enough resolution. Check out our Marketers Guide to Photography article series for some tips.

Common resolutions for print:

300dpi – Offset and Digital color and black and white
This industry standard resolution is high enough to where it becomes difficult to distinquish individual pixels (dots of color) by the naked eye. Perfect for business cards, brochures, booklets, magazines, and other smaller “handheld” marketing and stationery materials.

120-150dpi – Large format color and black and white
This resolution is a bit lower to accommodate the larger print projects like posters, banners, etc… The assumption is that larger projects are meant to be seen from a longer distance, and so high resolution can be a waste of file size and processing time.

Ultra Graphics resolution infographic (click to see full size)