Vehicle Wraps

If you’re a business that has a fleet of vehicles behind it-whether your fleet is five trucks strong or encompasses a hundred different vehicles-it’s essential to bear in mind the impact vehicle wraps can have on your ability to brand yourself.

By placing your company name onto the side of a vehicle, sprawling it across an entire auto or just applying a few window clings, you can turn just about any vehicle into a moving billboard that spreads brand awareness further than just about any other form of marketing.

What benefits do vehicle wraps bring to the table and how can you leverage them for optimal brand awareness and advertising success? Here are five reasons every company with a vehicle fleet needs to invest in wraps:

  1. Your vehicle is mobile and if it’s wrapped in branding that embodies your company, it means your advertising is mobile as well! Stationary signage, billboards or even something as mind-boggling as skywriting can’t compare to the type of exposure you’re going to see from a single vehicle wrap. For every mile your fleet vehicle traverses, your message reaches more and more people!
  1. With the mobility of a vehicle comes the opportunity to reach new demographics like never before . While you may be drawing the attention of more people with every mile traveled, you might also be turning the heads of potential customers and clients who you could never have reached previously. Whether you’re sending a vehicle to the next town or your fleet is mobilized all across the country, you can bet you’re reaching a new audience each and every day.
  1. The return on investment for vehicle wraps is enormous! For what you’ll pay for a vehicle wrap, that cost will quickly recoup itself in saved advertising dollars and new customer acquisitions. Compare the cost of having your fleet wrapped to the cost of buying a radio spot, television ad, magazine placement or some other form of traditional advertising and you’ll quickly see where your marketing dollars are best spent-on a vehicle wrap!
  1. There’s a certain sense of uniformity and cohesion that vehicle wraps inspire when people look at them that can say a lot about your company and its ability to project itself. Customers and clients want to know that a company is organized, attentive to detail, invested in itself and proud of its work-all characteristics that can be seen in a prim and proper fleet vehicle outfitted with a branded vehicle wrap.
  1. Finally, vehicle wraps are truly an investment in and of themselves. They’ll work for you day in and day out, in rain or shine, no matter the season or year; simply put, they’re timeless. Other marketing materials serve their purpose and are discarded in favor of the next big thing, while vehicle wraps remain relevant for as long as you use them. If you have a fleet of vehicles, take the time to consider the above five factors that are attributed to vehicle wraps. Making the decision to brand your vehicles could just be the best thing you do for your business this year!

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