Variable Inkjetting

Variable inkjetting takes the work out of addressing envelopes and postcards, and personalizing letters.  Say goodbye to hand cramps from hours of writing.

Using a complex and powerful machine, Ultra Graphics can print variable addresses on just about any flat piece, including envelopes, postcards, and folded brochures.  Using a mail list that is processed and curated in house by our expert mail services manager, thousands of pieces can be fed through the machine that prints and stamps (if necessary) your mail piece.

There are many options for the inkjetter, such as:

    • Font – choose from many different fonts for your inkjet piece, from default serif and san serif fonts to fonts that mimic handwriting for the personal touch.
    • Color – No one said that your envelope address has to be black. Ultra Graphics offers multiple colors to choose from for your inkjetting project.

Let Ultra Graphics make sending mail to your customers easier, while maintaining an efficiency and speed that is unmatched in the region.

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