Mail List Management

Ultra Graphics Billings can manage your mailing list so you don’t have to.

Mail list management encompasses everything from researching and purchasing a mail list, to keep the list maintained with new entries, deletions, and merges, as well as running the list through a processor that makes sure the addresses are correct, and current.

In terms of targeted marketing, our expert sales staff can help you build a list of potential customers based on dozens of advanced criteria such as location, age, household income, and many others.  Using the tools for creating the perfect list, we can ensure that your marketing materials are viewed by the people that are most likely to take action while keeping within your budget. Our mail department can also maintain your customer list from project to project, making sure the recipients are always correct.

What Mail List Management is good for:

  • Projects that require a specific target based on geography, age, sex, income, etc…
  • Projects that are ongoing such as a mailed newsletter or postcard and have an ever-changing list that require the entries to always be current.
  • Projects that have multiple lists coming from different sources that need combined and scrubbed for duplicates and out-of-date information.

The Ultra Graphics difference:

Our mail services team can help you with your mail list management by:

  • Combining multiple lists and removing duplicates based on a number of criteria (name, address, etc..)
  • Applying suppression lists to remove unwanted entries for each iteration
  • Running list through address verification and update software with automatic adjustments for incorrect addresses and recently moved recipients
  • Choosing the most efficient and cost effective method for shipping the project based on list size

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