Kitting, Packaging and Fulfillment

Many people don’t think about what comes after the printer.

What comes out of the printer is only one step in the process of creating dynamic and professional marketing materials.  How does it need packaged?  Are there multiple pieces that need organized, arranged, and put together?  Is it mailing?  To one address or 3 dozen?

Kitting, packaging and fulfillment are the unsung heroes of print and large format production – quietly working in the background to make sure the products that make your business thrive are correct, undamaged, organized, and sent to your customers without error.

There is a team of professionals whose main concern is to make sure your product is exactly how you want it, when you want it, where you want it.


How our kitting, packaging and fulfillment department helps your business:

  • Taking a multi-piece multi-department series of projects and organizing and packaging them together for a seamless finished product.
  • Taking the right amount of care to add safety materials like shrink wrap and paper filler in the packaging process to ensure your product arrives in as good a condition as when it left.
  • Printing and arranging a multi-piece project that mails and sending them all to the right location in a complex and coordinated effort.
  • Storing extra print pieces in our spacious warehouse (like letterhead, and other print shells) to give you the ability to order replenishment of your materials quickly and painlessly.  Many warehouse products are delivered the same day!

For example, imagine you’re creating a three part marketing package that needs to deliver to 350 different locations around the US. Ultra Graphics in Billings can produce the pieces (or receive pieces from you, or both), organize the kits, produce a mail list and labels, package the pieces together, and ship them to every address they need to go.  All under one roof.

Kitting, packaging and fulfillment are three less things that you have to worry about for your marketing and organizational projects.

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