Digital Printing

Digital Printing

If your next print project requires a quick turnaround time, but you don’t want to compromise quality, our digital print services are exactly what you need. Available in color and black and white, our digital printers are an economically viable way to produce small runs while maintaining superior quality.

Ultra Graphics uses a Hewlett Packard Indigo digital press for full-color jobs and the Océ VarioPrint 110 for black and white production. Also available in our digital production department is the Xante Impressia, which is a multi-media press able to produce full-color envelopes and tabbed folders.

Digital Color Printing

Our HP Indigo digital provides the superior output quality of an offset press, with the speed and convenience of a commercial-class color laser. This unique printing press uses liquid electrophotography, which means the ink is electrified then applied to the substrate via a thermal blanket, ensuring color depth and saturation. Color profiles can be set per project to achieve precise color consistency.

Specialty Stocks

With a large range of certified 12” x 18” substrates available, our HP Indigo can help you create those one-of-a-kind marketing pieces that stand out. Choose from coated stocks with various finishes, uncoated stocks with unique textures, or pearlescent and metallic stocks. There’s even a variety of synthetic stocks available such as rigid and adhesive vinyls, magnetic, and tear-free.

Specialty Finishes

To enhance your digital color projects, a special clear digital matte ink can be used to create definition and contrast. We recommend using this effect on glossy coated papers and with dark colors to provide the best results.

We also have flood UV coating available, either to complement your design or to add protection for projects that mail, or are handled often such as business cards or booklets.

Full-color Envelopes

The Xante Impressia multi-media printer allows us to digitally print full-color envelopes and tabbed folders, opening a whole new world of marketing and direct mail opportunities.

Black & White Digital Printing

Our black and white digital production printer is capable of printing on sheets as large as 12” × 18” with excellent results on both coated and uncoated stock. It produces high-quality consistent prints with sharp text and graphics and smooth gradients. This is also a popular machine for imprinting black text onto shells, such as newsletters, business cards, or letterhead.

Bindery Functions

While printing at blazing speeds is a major benefit of our black and white production printer, it can also perform several in-line process bindery functions, meaning it can print and finish all on the same machine. Some of the bindery functions available are: booklet folding and stitching, inserting, 2 or 3-hole drilling, and stapling.

Variable Data Printing

Variable-data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing press. For example, a set of personalized letters, each with the same basic layout, can be printed with a different name and address on each letter.

Not only can we personalize using names and addresses, but we can swap out different marketing messages or photos, creating a truly unique and compelling piece for EVERY person on your targeted list. Learn more about VDP marketing.

Common Digital Projects:

Advantages of Digital Printing

Digital printing offers flexibility and convenience. With such high-quality output from Ultra Graphics’ state-of-the-art digital printing presses, there’s no reason not to choose digital printing for low-quantity, high-quality, affordable print projects.

  • Perfect for quick-turnaround projects
  • Lower set up costs for small runs
  • Reduces waste – only print what you need
  • Color and black and white options make imprinting on shells or letterhead fast, easy and affordable
  • Allows for customization using Variable Data Printing (VDP) of names, addresses, numbering, etc.
  • More options available for specialty papers such as synthetic, pearls, magnetic, etc.
  • Full-color envelope and tabbed folder printing available

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