Die Cut Lettering

Die Cut lettering has many marketing uses, and can span many business applications.

Essentially die cut lettering (and other forms of die cut vinyl) are a high quality adhesive vinyl that can be cut into simple or complex shapes using a powerful rotary blade machine and custom designed software in our large format department.  Die cut lettering is most often used to display simple words and numbers as part of a vehicle graphics project, window, or wall application.  We have many different vinyl colors to choose from for your lettering, and we can even custom design a piece to be printed and cut out of our high quality vinyl adhesive (for example, a logo or colored shape).

What it’s great for:

  • Vehicle graphics such as contact information for the side of a vehicle, State Department of Transportation (DOT) identification numbers, or full color logos and graphics cut into simple or complex shapes.
  • Boating registration numbers (yup, this material is water resistant!)
  • Camper and other recreational vehicle lettering or shapes such as snowmobiles, motorcycles, four wheelers, etc…
  • Contact information, marketing content, or store hours for a window graphic on your storefront.

How it works:

  1. Using a special setup file with a custom spot color, our design team sends a print-ready (or cut-ready, if we’re using colored vinyl) to the large format department.
  2. The Large format department runs the file through a software translation process that allows the rotary blade cutter to interpret the “cut line” to follow.
  3. The printed piece or plain colored vinyl is fed into the cutting machine using various setup and alignment methods to ensure the cut is as accurate as possible (Ultra Graphics will also add a layer of protective laminate at this stage if necessary/applicable to lengthen the life of the vinyl).
  4. The cutting blade follows the preconfigured cut line information as the machine pulls the material through, all while maintaining a specific cutting pressure and speed to ensure an accurate cut.
  5. The extra outside material is removed by hand, leaving the die cut vinyl for application to the vehicle, wall, floor, or window.
  6. A low tack semi-transparent tape is applied to the top of vinyl to prepare it for installation.  During installation, the backing to the adhesive vinyl is removed and the installer positions the vinyl on the surface.  He/she then firmly applies the vinyl using various plastic tools, and finally removes the low-tack protective tape.
  7. The result is a long lasting, custom cut vinyl sticker that markets your business for you!

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