Carbonless Form

Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms play an important role in any business. If your company has the need for multiple copies of business forms such as invoices or receipts, using carbonless forms saves you time and money by creating several copies at once, whether handwritten or typed.

Carbonless forms at Ultra Graphics are available in sets of 2, 3, 4, or 5-part and can be printed in black ink, grayscale or in full color. They’re a great business tool used to make a copy of an original document, whether handwritten or typed, that is simple to use and cost effective.

What is Carbonless Paper?

Carbonless paper or NCR paper (No Carbon Required) is a type of coated paper designed to transfer information written on the front sheet onto the sheets beneath it. It is a commonly used paper when referring to business form printing. The first sheet is usually white, followed by canary, pink, green or goldenrod sheets, depending on how many parts the carbonless set has.

Carbonless Printing

Carbonless sets can be printed single or double-sided in black ink or full-color on our digital presses. Printing carbonless sets digitally is best for quick turnaround or low-quantity jobs. For efficiency and cost savings to our customers, larger quantities of carbonless forms are printed using our offset press. However, when using the offset printing process, forms cannot be printed in full-color. Carbonless forms can be printed in sizes up to 11” x 17”.


Carbonless forms are often numbered to help identify gaps in paperwork or keep track of multiple copies. At Ultra Graphics we use Variable Data Numbering (VDP) when printing digital carbonless forms. Because VDP is a digital process, allowing numbering to take place at the same time the form prints, black or full-color numbering options are available.

When printing carbonless forms on the offset press, the process of crash numbering is required. The forms will print first on the press and then our production team uses a machine that will make an impression of the sequential numbering on each set of forms. Crashing numbering can be done in red or black.


There are a number of finishing options available for carbonless form sets, including:

  • Padding on any edge
  • Binding with cardboard back or a wraparound cover
  • Binding with “tear-off” sheets
  • Drilling and Stapling
  • Perforating

Common Uses for Carbonless Forms:

  • Bills of Lading
  • Invoices
  • Tickets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipts
  • Application Forms
  • Work Orders
  • Patient Record Forms
  • Medical Claims Forms
  • Daily Reports
  • Packing Slips

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