Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Reach More Customers Faster with SEM

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an efficient and measurable method to get your website listing at the top of the user’s search paid results. Using a combination of compelling ads, relevant keywords, and quality landing pages, Ultra Graphics can create a PPC campaign that delivers instant traffic and brings new leads and conversions to your website.

What Ultra Graphics can do for your PPC advertising:

  • Keyword Research and Professional Campaign Building – Ultra Graphics will help you determine the right keywords for the kind of traffic you want, whether it be brand-building or conversions – and research those keywords to determine the right click budget based on average search volume, competition, and relevancy.  Then Ultra Graphics will create a campaign or series of campaigns that utilize those ad groups, ads, keywords, and optimized landing pages to minimize the cost-per-click and increase traffic. Google Ads has dozens of tools at our disposal to customize, target, and track the performance – making sure you are aware of the progress of your campaigns at any time.
  • Landing Page Guidance – Ultra Graphics will review your landing pages and provide suggestions on how to improve the content and/or structure to maximize the page’s relevancy and quality for web visitors, which will make the ads perform better, which will in turn lower the cost per click.
  • Website Analytics Integration – Ultra Graphics will provide Google Analytics* data gathering to allow you to monitor website activity month-to-month to support and enhance your PPC advertising.  We can help set up goals to track conversions and ROI, in addition to providing valuable data about your users, such as demographics and user behavior.
  • Ongoing Account Optimization – Ultra Graphics will monitor and optimize the account campaigns to ensure you’re getting the most for your money.  Optimizations include adjusting budget at the campaign, ad group, or keyword level, adding or removing keywords and ads based on performance, monitoring quality scores, and providing suggestions for website content and landing pages.
  • Monthly Reporting – Ultra Graphics will provide a monthly report with data from both your PPC advertising campaign as well as website analytics*.  The reports will include trends, information on keyword and ad performance, and suggestions for improvement.  In addition, your sales rep will always be available to answer questions and provide information whenever you need it.

Ultra Graphics Ads Campaign Features

  • Keyword Research, Including Negative Keywords
  • Ad Group Creation and Optimization
  • Campaign Setup and Development
  • Ad Copy Consultation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Local Optimization
  • Ad Extensions such as Sitelinks, Location, Phone Number, and App Downloads
  • Campaign Monitoring and Reporting
  • Website Analytics and Reporting*

*Google Analytics requires access to your website to install the necessary tracking codes, as well as access to the analytics account if one already exists.

Ultra Graphics SEM Plans
Account Setup Fee
Monthly Account Management
Pre-Project Consultation
Keyword Research
Website SEO Audit
Google Analytics Setup2
Google Ads Account Setup
Search Campaign Setup
Display Network Campaign Setup
Keywords Organized into Ad Groups
Max Total Keywords Per Account
Set Budget for Campaign and Ad Groups
Website Landing Page Recommendations
Text Ad Consultation
Multiple Text Ad Testing
Ad Extensions3
Time/Day Based Ad Scheduling
Interest and Topic Based Ads
Ad Remarketing
Ongoing SEM Management
SEM Management Allowance
Budget Adjustments and Optimization
Keyword and Ad Quality Monitoring
Ongoing SEO Recommendations
Reporting and Support
Monthly Ads Report
Monthly Google Analytics Report
Email Access for Support
Phone Access for Support
1 Quarterly fees do not include ads budget. 2 Requires access to current website and/or current Analytics account. 3 Ad Extensions require additional access to various accounts such as google business account and appstore URLs. 4 Available for an additional fee.