Personalized URLs and Generalized URLs


PURL (Personalized URL) Definition:  A series of microsites with personalized information, dynamically created using a customer-provided data list with first name and last name columns.  

Personalized and general URLs are customized web addresses unique to each individual you target with your email marketing campaign, giving you the opportunity to interact with your customers like never before. By providing a personalized URL on your e-newsletter or message, you entice recipients to visit your site for more information, where you can convert more sales and improve brand awareness

Benefits of a PURL:

  • Personalization – provided we have a data list with a first name column, and a last name column (separate), we can personalize the PURL for each recipient.  Personalization generally increases the response rate 30-50%.
  • Ability to market the PURL in other channels (ie email, printed piece)
  • Addition of a form that can be used for RSVP, or to capture other data
  • Addition of a GURL (Generalized URL) that can be shared publicly.  When a GURL is visited by a new user, it becomes a PURL after the user has entered in some introductory data (usually, just First and Last Name, sometimes email) and clicked submit.  The GURL is also used whenever a PURL is not found for a user (such as when the data is incorrect, or the user types in their wrong personalized address) to ensure that they still participate.
  • Addition of QR Codes – Every PURL comes with a free QR code image download for all data recipients, and can used in print campaigns as an easier way for users of mobile devices with cameras to get to their PURL.


Uses for a PURL:

  • Personalized Online Survey – such as a political survey, marketing survey, lead capture survey for sales purposes
  • Personalized form – such as an RSVP form, contest or sweepstakes entry form, etc
  • Guided interactive site – such as a multipage marketing guide with lead-capture form, or page-based story (such as a “how we met, got engaged type story for a wedding).
  • Engaging your audience – Driving customers to a visually appealing web page designed just for them encourages dialogue … add an incentive to collect valuable customer data you can use to refine future campaigns.
  • Creating interest – Personalization increases interest in your message, allowing you to introduce your brand to prospects and cultivate relationships with existing customers.

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