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Having a great website is an essential part of your business strategy, regardless of the products and services you provide. How you present yourself online should reflect the quality of your brand with a great design and engaging content.

Whether you need to develop a brand new website or refresh an existing one, the web design professionals at Ultra Graphics will work with you to create a modern, eye-catching customer experience that showcases your brand and keeps your visitors engaged. Ultra Graphics offers a variety of web design packages to suit your unique needs and fit your budget, and our WordPress managed hosting services are icing on the cake.


The Ultra Graphics Difference.

There are a lot of website designers and developers out there. Here at Ultra Graphics, we try to set ourselves apart by building websites that work for the long-term, and support them after the job is done.  To do this, we strive to:

Build sites that work on all modern browsers and almost all devices and form factors.

With your website acting as a sales representative 24/7 for your organization, you need it to be accessible by as many people as possible. Our websites are built and customized using WordPress, and follow a strict series of guidelines to maximize compatibility with as many browsers and devices as possible. This means using responsive design (design that adapts to multiple screen resolutions), and using tried-and-true plugins and code to ensure no modern browser is left out.

Build sites that are secure and safe as possible.

If you knew how often your website is targeted by automated bots searching for vulnerabilities, it’d give you nightmares. Literally dozens of times a day a bot could be crawling your site looking for a way in.  While no website will ever be 100% safe, we do our best to follow best practices for safety and security, utilizing things like extra strong passwords, TLS security certificates, a constantly rotating update and backup schedule, and installing one of the industry’s best security plugins with dozens of tools and settings for preventing and mitigating security compromises.

Build sites that prioritize SEO.

During a website development, we work hard to make sure the technical SEO checkboxes are all checked. Things like meta titles and descriptions, content and image structure, internal links, and sitemaps. Part of our standard launch process for all Ultra Graphics hosted sites include setting up a Google analytics tracking code, and adding the site to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster to kickstart the indexing. We also try to guide our customers on things like user experience, content creation, and acquiring backlinks as the site matures.

Build sites that are custom-designed, no cookie-cutter themes.

There are lots of really pretty drag and drop website builders, and lots of set-and-forget themes out there. We try to stand out by creating absolutely custom-designed websites every time, based on our customer’s needs for color, theme, features, and functionality. The base theme that use as our starting point is supported by WordPress itself, and exists as a lightweight blank canvas.

Support the sites we build.

We are not your average web host. Our managed hosting plans are there to help maintain the security and success of any site we build, and include useful things like backups, and wordpress plugin and theme updates. What really sets us apart though, is the built-in support time every quarter to make your website better*. Many other providers like to nickel-and-dime for every change you need to make, or don’t allow you to make the change yourself.  Ultra Graphics empowers our customers to control their own content, and if they ever need support, they can call or email their account executive and we’ll help – whether that be through training or making the change for them. For some great learning resources, check out

Check out some of our work:

*Multiple hosting plan options to fit multiple needs, ask your account executive for details.

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