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Introducting the EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer...

EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer

A bigger way to increase your reach.

The EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer represents a faster, more powerful way to market your business.

EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer - Power & Performance

Power & Peformance

The H652 UV hybrid printer has five piezoelectric grayscale print heads, up to eight levels of grayscale. It can print up to 1200×600 dpi in full color to ensure unmatched sharpness and clarity for photos and gradients. It carries two shuttered Mercury Lamps with high and low power settings for curing the ink as it passes through. It handles flexible and rigid substrates up to 65 inches (165 cm) wide and 1.8 inches (4.572 cm) thick. Image width 64 inches (162.56 cm). It has a vacuum belt drive system.

EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer - New Opportunities and Products

New Opportunities & Products

The H652 UV hybrid printer is unique in it’s application of ink on any given surface. The remarkable machine has the ability to print directly on the substrate, removing the need for time-consuming mounting on most projects. Need a foam core or posterboard sign? Insert the substrate directly on the vacuum belt drive system and the H652 will print right on the material, using the four-color ink and white ink system to ensure vibrant colors and print quality.

EFI H652 UV Hybrid Printer - Built for Speed

Built for Speed

The H652 UV hybrid printer uses four color inks PLUS white ink, and can print at speeds up to 455 ft²/hr (42.27 m²/hr). Coupled with the efficiency of the standalone printer RIP system, the print jobs are done start to finish faster than ever.

Additionally, since the H652 can print on multiple substrates without the need for mounting, the process after the initial print is removed, cutting the time it takes for a start to finish project almost in half.

This new system opens up almost limitless possibilities for material, such as printing on ceramic tiles, plastic, and wood. The H652 can print on: